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MP3 Encoder Software

Why Do I Want MP3 Encoding Software?

Music files come in all shapes and sizes. Each file type is best suited for different applications. To make sure that you are utilizing your MP3 collection to its fullest potential you need MP3 encoder software. These programs change the file type so it can be used in different situations such as your car stereo and your portable MP3 player. But have no fear, keep reading to make sense of all your options, because At TopTenREVIEWS We Do the Research So You Don’t Have To.™

MP3 Encoding Software: What to Look For

Just as each tool in your toolbox is suited to a different task; MP3 encoding software comes in different shapes and sizes to suit what you want to do with your audio collection. With all these options in mind, these are the criteria we developed to test these MP3 converters. The best software programs are powerful enough to convert a wide array of audio files. They allow you to manipulate these files to best suit your needs in a manner that is easy to follow and replicate.

The most basic programs will switch your MP3 to WAV and WAV to MP3. Things get more complex when you add batch conversion, simultaneously converting multiple file types, audio players and bitrates. Each file output has different attributes that can be manipulated to affect the size of the end file and its audio quality. The level at which you can manipulate your end files was also considered. Some software can be integrated into other programs and be used as an audio conversion engine within a greater context. Others will delete the source files, eradicating unnecessary duplication. Others show the songs’ identifying information such as artist, album and track tile. Going further, other programs allow you to alter this information, alter the way it appears or even have the software go and retrieve it for you from Internet databases. The programs were judged on all of these factors. How much does each program do, and how well does it do it.

While considering what each program can do, it was a must to take into account which files could be used with the program. While all of the products will work with MP3, what about the other audio file types out there? Will your program be able to extract audio from a video file? Will you be able to import your actual CD collection with this program? Or can you simply add a playlist you created with your audio player? The breadth of files supported ranged from simply MP3 and WAV files to 48; it’s clear that this is an important facet to consider.

Ease of Use
Now that we have ascertained what files can be used, and what we can do with these files, it’s important to understand how easily these programs facilitate the process, from start to finish. How easy is it to find the file or folders you want to convert? Does the encoder guide you through the process? How easy is it to understand what you are manipulating and what effect it will have on the final sound of the file? Could your grandmother use this program? What good is a program that supports hundreds of file types and can do wondrous things if you don’t know how to make it work?

Help & Support
Now that we know how easy it is to use these programs in their ultimate capacity, what happens if you hit a snag? Each and every program has a help function, but what does each program do to make their users feel secure if something should go wrong. How much do the developers stand behind their products and their services? Is it easy to get a hold of the support staff, or do you have to hunt high and low for a measly email address?

Once you assemble all these variables, you end up with a nice program that makes all your audio files work for you. This program will be transparent in its use and features, while providing a user-support system should you run into problems. The best programs make the entire process a breeze, even fun, while the most basic simply allow you to convert some files alone in a vacuum. For the best MP3 encoder software, check out Switch Audio Converter, Advanced WMA Workshop and Factory Audio Converter. On this site you will also find articles related to MP3 encoding. They make it easy to do all sorts of tasks efficiently and clearly, making your audio files work for you, rather than the other way around.